Smell Like A Girl

Friday morning, I got this text (three guesses who it was from?):

Text: Do you have any bath and body works?
Me: I think. Why?
Text: You don’t know???

Okay, well, that might not have been the actual text, but it pretty much gives you the relevant part of the convo needed for this post. After that, I thought “No, I don’t know. I never use that stuff.” I think I may have even replied that in a text, and got this response.

Text: I know.
Me: Okay. I’ll get some.
Text: Thank you Jesus.

How lame do you have to be for your man to have to tell you that you should smell like something other than Ivory soap and Jergens lotion? You can’t be MORE lame than that. And, seriously, Jesus? You had to invoke the Most High? So, Friday I got a new determination to smell like a girl. At all times. After all, I always compliment Tim on how good he smells. Why should I not allow him to return the favor?

As with anything, when I embark upon a new journey, I’m alll in. So, on the way home, I take a pit stop to Victoria Secret. I figure that would be a good place to start, and not so overwhelming as the bath and body works.

I leave with some “pink” pajamas/loungewear (which I can never pass up), and these heavenly heavenly scents:

Victoria’s Secret Candy, Baby.  WHY haven’t I had this before now?  You mean I can smell like something other than Vanilla and Peony’s and roses and other frilly crap?  If I had known that, I would have BEEN on top of this smell good game!  I only got the Candy, Baby body wash and body double mist (you know, since I was entering foreign territory I figured I’d go light.  I’m lying.  They were 3 for $25 and I didn’t feel like smelling all the choices).  When I put this on, I had to look around to see if somebody was behind me smelling that good!  Yeyah!  And who can resist the smell of cotton candy??  Not Timothy, I tell ya!!  I shall be returning for the lotion and to see if they make a perfume.  

Speaking of Vanilla, I got the Vanilla Vixen beautyrush too.  OH.YEAH.

So, while I’m in there perusing the aisles.  I smelled this:

#GotmelikeOhMyGosh.  I could possibly purchase every single kind of thing they make in this smell.

Tim has created a monster.  He has only himself to blame. 

Since I’m new to the smellgood game, give me some ideas!

15 thoughts on “Smell Like A Girl

  1. SKelly says:

    Don’t buy anything else for a minute!!!

  2. Mrs Count says:

    Escada Magnetism perfume smells like cotton candy and I love it! I have to use shea butter lotions but I get it scented with mango oils and it smells so good. I may or may not have 20 bath and body works body sprays. I’ll neither confirm nor deny, but they smell super yummy to me.

  3. Lisa says:

    They make custom scents and dupe a lot of scents from B&BW and VS. They have a LOT of candy smells and will customize one to your liking.

  4. Barista says:

    Oooh this is my area of expertise! I can give you suggestions based on time of day, season, event…you name it. In my opinion one of the best daytime fragrances is Bvlgari Au The Blanc…this is my crack. For night I love Obsession Night. From Bath & Body Works I like Black Amethyst a lot…night scent. And I love many of the Victoria’s Secret scents – Love Spell is my fave, but there are a few others I like, too…and they’re always on sale. I can’t stand to smell like an apple, cucumber or a pear.

    Ok, I’ll stop before I write a whole blog in your comments.

  5. AR Gal says:

    One of my all time favorite fragrances has always been Cool Water. It’s just something about the scent that intoxicates me.

  6. mzinspiredmind81 says:

    My fav scent collection is that of coconut lime verbana from BBW.

  7. K. Rock says:

    Girl I dont know anything about smell goods either. My husband has bought me several different perfumes over the years but I dont use any of them on a regular basis. I need to catch the hint too!!

  8. GP says:

    I LOVE scent so get ready for a long comment! LOL!

    I ‘m into smelling like candy and fruits like peach, pears and such!
    Escada makes a line of scents that’s fruity candy like. I fell in love years ago with Escada Tropical Punch. Their current scent in that line is Escada Marine Groove. It smells yummy!

    I’m refering to 02

    Sephora is the scent capital of the world. A sales person will walk you through choices and make samples for you to take home. I’ve left with as many as three samples and came back later for the fragrances. Also DKNY apples are also favs of mine.

    Scent is an individual thing and you have to find out what type of top note person you are.
    Meaning there are 4 main fragrance families: floral, fruity, exotic, or green/clean scents.

    The scents Barista mentioned above are more exotic scents and since I’m a fruit/green-clean person I don’t like those. Just like she doesn’t like fruits.

    I hope this helps! I tend to give all I know about a topic! *smile*

    I am so at VS to smell the scent you bought. I haven’t been there in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jazz says:

      ooh that escada sounds nice! I love sexy little things noir / slt noir tease from Vickys. I too am a fruity type of girl , so I like Midnight pomegranate from BBW , Luscious Kisses , Lost in Fantasy by Vickys. Fresh Sugar Lychee smells good also.

  9. InnerDiva says:

    I went to VS to try out the smell goods you mentioned. Candy was a little too sweet for me, but I liked Vanilla Vixen and Cupcake…the store didn’t have body washes though, so I didn’t buy anything.

    I like Coconut Lime Verbena and Sensual Amber from B&BW. I haven’t graduated to actual perfumes yet, just body mist.

  10. Girlfriend says:

    “Flower Bomb”…love it
    also, Banana Republic (I know, but trust me) has a line called “Rosewood”…I use the lotion and boby mist daily…don’t let the words “flower” and “rose” scare you away…go smell ’em

  11. Au Naptural says:

    Most of my fav scents have some woodsy, flower, coconut, citrus, and vanilla undertones. B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena is awesome! I also like The Body Shop’s body butters in Coconut, Mango, and Almond. They also have body oils in mango and satsuma (orange). Usually, I’m pretty cheap and buy 2oz bottles of alcohol-free fragrance oil for around $3 -they last me forever. I have these scents from an Islamic shop in Brooklyn: Lolita Lempika (dupe), Vanilla, Arabian Sandalwood, Lola.

    Whatever you do, try the scent on you to see if the notes change with your body chemistry. “Everything ain’t for everybody.”

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